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Energy addicts

We are humans, we were born smart, we think we can solve anything, can we?

This video on YouTube shows how much we have taken everything for granted, we don't even think where and how we get what we get, without a second thought we pollute, we waste, we consume, we drink, we use, we throw.

In Indian mythology we have a demon named Raktabija, Raktabija had a boon that whenever a drop of his blood fell on the ground, a duplicate Raktabija would be born at that spot (rakta=blood, bija=seed; "he for whom each drop of blood is a seed")

We all are nature, we have now tagged ourselves out of nature, nature and humans must resonate, the frequencies have been off tune in past 100 years and things have gone terribly wrong. We create, we innovate, we implement, we disturb the natural cycles, we face the consequences, we try to solve them, and end up creating even more problems. Fancy term now we call is Wicked Problem, back then it was Raktabija. So Raktabija is not mythology, it’s here, right here, we have created them!

Just as alcohol and drugs are not the cause of substance addiction, neither are fossil fuels the cause of energy addiction.

Addiction is rooted in repetitive behaviour that continues to yield harmful results – or more precisely, the inability to moderate, or to change. Fossil fuels will continue to play an important role in the energy mix going forward. The key question is, what role should petroleum play if we want to maintain a habitable planet? Addiction is not sustainable, so energy companies that want to thrive in a 21st-century, carbon-constrained economy need to break the cycle of addiction by diversifying their energy sources and mitigating the negative impacts of their existing energy commitments.

Now, we know OIL drives ECONOMY. A simple equation, the energy produced by the land defines it's growth. The government needs the country's economy to be healthy, disrupting the oil supply is the last thing to do, as the economy will fall ill.To be safe the government keeps pushing the trusted source of energy, India imports but also sells to the lands around who need the refined oil and have less or no access to ports, like Bhutan and Nepal.

Our Grids are dying, they are old and slowly failing, we can infer from the Blackout of 2012 where two day of blackout brought darkness to entire northern India.

We need to be smart, we need to transit from here to a sustainable way!

But how?

We are addicted to cheap and dirty energy, getting away from them will be a challenge but not impossible.

1. Use efficiently

2. Look for cleaner sources

3. Change to low energy Lifestyle

It's easier said than done! Let's do more and talk less.

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