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Perception of Energy | A Social Experiment

Why do we take energy for granted?

Before that it's better we ask why do we take THINGS for granted?

Is it within our chemical nature of part of how our mind manages our perceptions? I wonder whether it is somehow linked to a form of subconscious acceptance that remains so until it is challenged.

It's habituation I believe. If there's a noise in the room, like a ceiling fan, eventually you stop noticing it. Our brain chooses to ignore it, just like how it chooses to ignore the nose, even though the nose comes in the way of our cone of vision. Anything that is relatively constant and non-threatening will eventually be filtered out by the mind as not relevant. That doesn't mean you can't deliberately notice it. In fact, pause for a moment now and just LISTEN. You'll probably hear a few things that you've stopped noticing.

For the majority of us, we take energy for granted. We switch on the lights in our residence, or the stove, or any electrical appliance without even thinking where the power to run them comes from. Most of us have no idea how petrol runs an automobile, or where it even comes from. Typically, we’re only interested in finding the cheapest available source of energy and then complaining about how expensive it is. We don’t usually listen to the naysayers who tell us that our supply of fossil fuels is limited.

A typical fossil fuel supply is something like oil, natural gas, or coal, which might all be used up some day. What is termed alternate energy is something rather than those, including solar, wind, biomass, or wave and tidal energy. Alternative energy is often renewable energy, doesn’t damage the natural environment, and is not very popular.

Our world is composed of sapiens who use food, water, energy, and various other natural resources on a daily basis. As we rely heavily on fossil fuels, increased energy usage causes increased pollution as well as the depletion involving our natural resources. We may have money to buy all we need, but resources belong to everyone.

We, as the people of the world all use energy every day, 24/7, 365 days a year. Everything from the simple cup of coffee to the building of a new stadium requires some form of energy in order to be executed.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if there was a power cut for a day, or perhaps as little as an hours, or even few minutes? What about petrol supplies? Or Cooking gas? How dependent are we on energy? We are hooked on to it! It's supplied so constantly without disruption that we take energy for granted, we choose to ignore the fact it is also generated after lots of process and material consumption like coal, gas or oil, we don't see the direct effect of it's production, so many men struggling under the mines, just to light up our homes, and keep our phones charged!

Today's luxury tomorrow's need! After energy next would be internet accessibility, our future generations would probably can't live without Internet connectivity!

Here we are trying to perform a SOCIAL EXPERIMENT to see how we take certain things only granted but not others. Will keep updating here. Watch out for this space!

Meanwhile do watch this video, suggested by one of my well wisher. Thanks Aravind Ratheesh.

So here we are! Done with our social experiment, have a look at the output. PS it's 12 min long, don't miss the last few minutes. Would definitely appreciate comments and critiques.

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